»A tableware is a kimono for cookery«

Kyoto born artist Shinichiro Kanouya creates pottery of simple shapes and rusty colors. His ash glaze over slip-decorated style is one of our favorites at Matsumoto Crafts Fair 2016, where we met the artist for our Craft Talk No. 5.

»I try to make tablewares that are like family members«

Pristine and sweet. The botanical paintings on Momoko Otani’s rather plainly formed potteries are the trademark of this artist. The rustical flowers and leaves add so much charm to them.

Interview 02:
Shinpei Mawatari

Earthy and refined. These two words may be conflicting more or less, but could be the right ones to describe Shinpei Mawatari’s works. I see rustic tranquility and austerity in them.

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